Myron McKinley Trio Signature Brazil RFA Daterra Santa Colomba Coffee


12 oz.
Brazilian Coffee Cup Characteristics: Nutty, chocolaty, fruity, sweet aftertaste of vanilla and marzipan.

Rainforest Alliance Certified (RFA) coffees are grown on farms that specifically go out of their way not to harm the forests and ecosystems around them. Many rainforest coffees are grown in places with incredible biodiversity, near plants and animals that exist nowhere else on Earth except for right where they are.

Those coffee farms and coffee farmers adhere to strict environmental and social standards put in place by the RFA. Those farms receive and Rainforest Alliance certification and seal that certifies their products and promotes both social and economic sustainability, allowing both people and wildlife to thrive. Buying Rainforest Alliance coffees supports the farms that are in tune with local communities and ecology allows not only you but the farmers to continue protecting rainforests and fighting climate change.

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Weight12 oz
Whole Bean or Ground

Whole Bean, Ground